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Welcome to our home.

Tumi Ceviche Bar & Ristorante is a marriage between traditional and modern Peruvian and Italian kitchens.

Peruvian cuisine is an incorporation of influence of different times and immigrant cultures including Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian cuisines.

We specialize in the world’s most famous Peruvian ceviche, housemade pastas and wood burning grill steaks. We operate in an open kitchen with our chefs cooking within view of diners. Our diners may enjoy specialty cocktails made with the signature Peruvian spirit “Pisco”.

Chef owner, Jorge L. Siguencia opened the first Peruvian Restaurant on Cape Cod bringing a true taste of Peru to Cape Cod using unique Andean spices. He has incorporated Peruvian cuisine with his Italian experience making housemade pasta and ravioli from scratch. He uses local fresh seafood in our variety of ceviches, offering diners the chance to explore the authentic and diverse flavor of Peruvian and Italian gastronomy in a sophisticated setting.


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