PRIX FIXE MENU

          4 COURSES –   $ 29.99 – $32.99

(Prix Fix Menu is not available on Holidays or Holiday Weekends)

  (Everyday from 11:30am to 5:30 pm)

(Includes a Glass of Wine (Pinot Noir) or (Chardonnay) or Beer (Bud light, Ultra light, Peruvian Beer)

Sharing or Substitutions are NOT allowed on this menu

FIRST COURSE    : CEVICHE, Choose one of our 9 kinds of ceviche


SOUP OF THE DAY, Ask your server for today’s offering

ASPARAGUS PROSCIUTTO, Wrapped asparagus with prosciutto, wood grilled artichokes, asiago cheese tomato vinaigrette

LITTLE NECKS OR OYSTERS FLORENTINE, baked little necks or oysters, garlic, spinach, pecorino Romano, lemon thyme

MUSSELS, Sautéed mussels with pancetta in white wine lemon butter, served with parmesan crisp

FRIED CALAMARI, Served with aji Amarillo sauce, aioli

EGGPLANT ROLLATINI, Fried eggplant rolled with spinach, ricotta cheese, topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese

CEASAR SALAD, White anchovy dressing, focaccia croutons, shaved pecorino Romano cheese

SPINACH SALAD, Roasted shiitake mushrooms, artichokes, goat cheese, white balsamic dressing, sundried cranberries

                                     THIRD COURSE: ENTRÉE

LOBSTER RAVIOLI, Homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach, light dijon butter sauce, pecorino Romano   29.99

FETTUCCINI CARBONARA, Homemade fettuccine, pancetta, parmigiano- regiano cream sauce    29.99

VEGETABLE RISOTTO, Mushrooms, asparagus, grilled vegetables, spinach, vegetables broth, Parmigiano-Reggiano      29.99

GRILLED SALMON ANDINO, Wood grilled salmon, Peruvian tacu tacu (caramelized rice and lentils), sautéed grapes, red wine vinaigrette reduction       29.99

BEEF BRACIOLE, Rolled with Italian meats, mozzarella cheese, garlic, roasted red pepper, spinach, homemade linguini garlic and oil    32.99

WOOD GRILLED STEAK TIPS ANDINO, Marinated with Andean spices, roasted potatoes, wood grilled asparagus, chimichurri sauce   32.99

RACK OF LAMB, Wood grilled (half) rack of lamb, crispy potato confetti, crispy choclo, spinach, house demi-glaze reduction     32.99

LAMB OSSO BUCCO, Peruvian style, braised lamb shank with aji amarillo, Peruvian beer, vegetables, cilantro, served with shiitake mushrooms risotto, white kidney beans pure       32.99 

PERUVIAN PAELLA, Shrimp, scallops, clams, calamari, Jazmin rice, aji panca, romesco pepper      32.99

LOMO SALTADO, Sautéed beef tenderloin, tomatoes, onions, aji amarillo, soy sauce, served with roasted garlic rice and grilled potatoes 32.99

VEAL/CHICKEN SALTIMBOCA, Layered with prosciutto, spinach, asiago cheese, sage Marsala demi glaze, roasted potatoes, asparagus      32.99

VEAL/ CHICKEN PARMESAN, Breaded, pan fried topped with marinara, mozzarella cheese served with homemade linguini       29.99

                                               FOUR COURSE: DESSERT

Panna cotta, Tres Leches, Tiramisu, Cannoli, Chocolate cake

                                                     Prices are subject to change without notice


  1. Don says:

    What if I don’t drink does it effect the price fixprice?

  2. tumiceviche says:

    Not at all. The price will be the same. If you don’t drink we offer other options like soda, or coffee.

  3. mark says:

    This is the best deal in all of Hyannis. Great food and service for a really cheap price !

  4. Barbara says:

    We enjoyed a really wonderful meal at a very reasonable price. Service was excellent as well. We are planning our next visit.

  5. Mark & Crystal Mahoney says:

    We just moved to the area and discovered Tumi,,,,,,,,,,,,What a wonderful, inexpensive (fixprice) dinner. Our service was superb (Frankie was our waiter). This is a lovely intimate place 10/10 . We will be returning this week with friends. Crystal and Mark

  6. tumiceviche says:

    We are glad you enjoyed your dinner. Thank you for your comment

  7. tumiceviche says:

    We are glad you had a great dinner. Thank you for your comment


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